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Alchemy Potion Calculator

Create and customize alchemy potions

The Potion Calculator allows you to determine the necessary reagent and solvent combinations for different types of potions and poisons.

Type: Select whether to create a potion or a poison.

Level: Select the level of the potion.

Quick Select: This contains several frequently-used potions. Select any item in this list to automatically select all the appropriate traits.

Traits: This allows individual traits to be added to the potion. Often a potion can contain multiple traits.

Effects: This will show the actual effects of the potion or poison. This will appear after one or more traits are selected.

Solvent: This will show which solvent to select in the game in order to construct the potion or poison.

Reagent Combinations: This will show which reagents to select in the game in order to construct the potion or poison. It's possible that a potion can be created from multiple reagent combinations. Certain reagent combinations will buff one of the effects of the potion. These combinations are denoted with the buffed trait and a star () in parenthesis following the set of reagents.



Quick Select


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Reagent Combinations

, {{item.text}} Image {{item.text}} (with , {{item.text}})
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