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Alchemy Solvents

General Information

Each potion or poison requires exactly one solvent. The solvent determines the level of the potion.

Potions are created from different kinds of water. Water can be acquired from "pure water" or water skins. Pure water can be identified as small patches of bubbling water shallow water near the edges of rivers, streams, and lakes. Water skins can be found in towns or any other inahabited place and appear as small bags.

The "Keen Eye" skill will highlight pure water and water skins with a white, fire-like glow.

Poisons use oil as a solvent. Oil can be harvested come from slain undead, daedra, trolls, and other enemies. Dungeons tend to be good places to get oils for poisons.

The water or oil acquired will always be one of two levels: the level of your current character, or the highest level of potion or poison your current can create. Researching "Solvent Proficiency" will cause your character to find higher-level solvents.

Solvent Table for Potions

Potion PrefixSolventLevel
Sip of ...Natural WaterLevel 3
Tincture of ...Clear WaterLevel 10
Dram of ...Pristine WaterLevel 20
Potion of ...Cleansed WaterLevel 30
Solution of ...Filtered WaterLevel 40
Elixir of ...Purified WaterChampion 10
Panacea of ...Cloud MistChampion 50
Distilate of ...Star DewChampion 100
Essence of ...Lorkhan's TearsChampion 150

Solvent Table for Poisons

Poison SuffixSolventLevel
Poison IGreaseLevel 3
Poison IIIchorLevel 10
Poison IIISlimeLevel 20
Poison IVGallLevel 30
Poison VTerebinthineLevel 40
Poison VIPitch-BileChampion 10
Poison VIITarblackChampion 50
Poison VIIINight-OilChampion 100
Poison IXAlkahestChampion 150

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